Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel
Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel

Wheaton Warrenville South High School

1993 Tiger Trail, Wheaton, IL 60189

P: 630.784.7200


Tiger Vocab

Tiger Vocab Words (9/18 - 10/2) 
 Word   Definition
 argueto exchange or express an opposite position
 concepta general idea or understanding of something
 compareto examine in order to find similarities or dissimilarities   
 contrastthe state of being strikingly different from something else
 affectmake a difference, have influence or produce a change in something or someone
 scholarshiplearning of a high level, academic achievement

About Us

Wheaton Warrenville South High School is home to approximately 2.200 students in grades 9-12. Consistently ranked as one of the Top Fifty High Schools in Illinois by the Chicago Sun Times, and a top high school in Illinois by Chicago Magazine, 94% of Wheaton Warrenville South graduates attend a two or four-year college. In 2013, Wheaton Warrenville South graduated 119 Illinois State Scholars. The Wheaton Warrenville South school colors are orange and black and the school mascot is a Tiger.

Dave Claypool, Principal

Lorie Campos, Assistant Principal

Regina Ingersoll, Assistant Principal

Erin Axelsen, Assistant Principal

Mike Healy, Assistant Principal & Athletic Director