Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel
Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel

Wheaton North High School

701 West Thomas Road, Wheaton, IL 60187

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Math Department Staff

 J.T. Johns (Department Chair)Staff Page 8454
 Dave Brackmann Staff Page David.Brackmann@cusd200.org8410
 Annie Gentzler 
 Staff Page 3040
 Angela Gilmore Staff Page 8440
 Carole Kristensen Staff Page 8461
 Susan Martin Staff Page 8469
 Marina Mulford Staff Page 8479
 Michelle Neibch Staff Page 8482
 John Noe Staff Page 8554
 Aaron Pearlman Staff Page 2144
 Amy Pekkarinen Staff Page 8493
 Star Pierropoulos Staff Page 8497
 Jamie Puorto Staff Page 8505
 Angela Raso Staff Page 8507
 Nick Reicher Staff Page 8510
 Nick Slezak Staff  Page 3279
 Danielle Wennmaker Staff Page 8536

Tutoring Services @ Wheaton College
  • Wheaton College has provided a list of current mathematics majors at the college who are available to help students in all levels of mathematics as well as tutors willing to help with ACT/SAT test prep!  Parents can contact the tutors directly to arrange for times and negotiate tutoring fees.  
  • The college has also generously offered to allow the tutors to reserve study space at the Wheaton College Library once tutoring appointments have been made.  
If you would like more information, please follow the link below and click on the Math tab:
Please Note:  Tutoring fees, times and locations will need to arranged between the parent and the individual tutors. This tutor list is being provided by Wheaton College.   Wheaton North High School does not hire nor pre-screen tutors. Parents are encouraged to meet with the tutors and to remain with their students during the tutoring sessions.