• Community Engagement

    Our commitment is to continuously engage our community to determine its priorities, foster partnerships, and promote learning. We will:

    • Establish regular and ongoing opportunities to engage our community members, especially senior citizens, in our schools.
    • Support and engage parents through ongoing workshops on relevant, timely topics. 
    • Provide the community a lens into our classrooms, with focus on communicating the changes in the world that are rapidly impacting what our students need for future success.
    • Develop a structured format for gathering student, staff, and parent feedback to determine levels of satisfaction.
    • Communicate our progress on Vision 2022 and strategic goals through regular community communication, dashboard, and annual Board reports.

    Following the Engage 200 Community Engagement process and hearing feedback from the community, the Board of Education adopted Vision 2018 and subsequently Vision 2022, strategic plans that outlines our goals and priorities for the next several years. One of the commitments the Board made to the community is to stay connected to our community to determine its priorities, foster partnerships and promote learning. 


    Come inside of YOUR community schools!

    District 200 schools are the community's schools. We welcome your engagement and participation in school events. We've developed a community calendar - a year-long collection of events at our two high schools. 

    Especially if you don't have children in our schools, attending one of our events is a perfect way for you to get an inside look in our schools and what today's students are all about. 

    If you would like to arrange a group at one of our events, contact communications@cusd200.org or 630-682-2469 and we will assist you.