• The Department of Technology staff will be monitoring the Technology Web-Helpdesk from the hours of 8:00 am till 8:00 pm throughout the school closure. Please follow the directions below to submit a ticket to the Department of Technology. 

    For answers to common technical issues students & parents have encountered, please scroll down to GENERAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT & TROUBLESHOOTING section.




    I was not able to return my devices at one of the morning drop off events June 1-3, what should I do?

    There will be one last opportunity for devices to be dropped off on MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2020 at Whittier Elementary (DOOR 18) from 12:00 NOON to 6:00 PM.

    Whittier Elementary is located at: 218 W Park Ave, Wheaton, IL 60189 (Right next door to the School Service Center, where you originally checked-out the device.

    What if I can’t make it on Monday, June 8?

    Please contact the Department of Technology either by phone at: 630-933-7272 or email: tech.support@cusd200.org as soon as possible to arrange by appointment, a drop off at the School Service Center.

    Why do I need to return my device?

    During the COVID-19 SHELTER IN PLACE ORDER, the Technology Department did our best to facilitate E-Learning for Families & Staff by providing chromebooks & hotspots as quickly as possible. We distributed over 1,500 chromebooks from the School Service Center and hundreds more were distributed directly from our schools across the district. In order to begin and be better prepared for FALL 2020, chromebooks need to be retuned so that they can be sanitized, inspected, diagnosed, repaired, inventoried, and if needed replacements need to be ordered. This is a major undertaking and we greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

    What happens if I do not return my device?

    Any Chromebooks/Hotspots missing from our checked-out inventory will be locked remotely on June 8th. Users will not be able to login or use the device, and a message asking for the return of the device will be displayed on screen.

    Which chromebook do I need to return?

    Only certain chromebooks (based on model/manufacturer) need to be returned, we made users aware at check out which devices would need to be returned.

    ALL DELL MODELS: These devices are from schools across the district, and need to be returned to the Technology Department.

    ACER C720: Do not worry about returning these devices. The ACER Chromebooks distributed from the SSCs were donated to families (on a first come, first serve basis). Families may keep these ACER Chromebooks.

    What about the mobile hotspot checked out from the School Service Center?

    YES: All mobile hotspots need to be returned. At the time of checkout, a parent/guardian’s signature was required. Additionally, before signing for the device, parent/guardian acknowledged that they understood devices would need to be returned to the Tech Department on or before June 3.

    ESY/SUMMER SCHOOL: If your student is enrolled in ESY and/or Summer School, Chromebook devices will be retuned at a later time. You should have received a separate email with instructions. Please contact your student’s ESY/Summer School Teacher for more information, if you did not receive instructions.



    STAFF should continue to submit a ticket on the Technology Help-Desk

    Please note: Staff should now use their district email address to sign into the Help-Desk. If you are having difficulty logging on, click on the Forgot Password link and following the on-screen instructions.

    PARENTS & STUDENTS may submit a new ticket on the Technology Help-Desk using the directions below to setup an account. 

    Please note: Parents & Students should utilize the PARENTS & STUDENTS request type for all issues.

    Step one, click on New Account

    Login Screen

    Step two, follow the onscreen instructions and enter required information:

    New Account

    New users will recieve an email confirmation after their account has been created.

    After clicking submit, users will be taken to a "Help Request" form.

    Remember to use the "PARENTS & STUDENTS" request type for all issues.

    Help Request


    Someone from the Department of Technology will reply via email to help troubleshoot issues. If needed they will request a call number if phone support will work better. 



    Issue: My students are sharing a computer/device and are having issues with accessing their specific e-learning resources.

    Solution: Create multiple Chrome profiles in order to keep each of your students Google data seperate. See this support page by Google.


    Issue: I don't see Chrome extensions and other apps I need for e-learning (on my personally owned device).

    Solution: Turn on Google Chrome's sync so that you will be able to access Google Services like Classroom, YouTube, Gmail, and more. See this support page by Google.