• Creative Writing/Panther's Paw Literary Magazine

    This year, the Creative Writing Club and Edison's Literary Magazine, from the Panther's Paw will be working together. This group allows new or aspiring writers of any kind to share and discuss excerpts, writing tips, novels in the making, or short stories. The club will be reviewing student submissions of poetry short stories and essays for publication in the school's literary magazine. During November, we will participate in National Writing Month through the Young Writers Program (for those who are interested). This is an event that encourages young authors to write a novel with the word count of their choice in one month's time. We will also be a part of many other writing events throughout the year. 
    Sponsor: Ms.Hill & Ms. Larkin, Room 203
    Meets: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month


    Click here to access the From the Panther's Paw Digital Magazine 2019