• Main Number: 630-682-2060 

    Attendance line: 630-682-2359

    Student IDs

    Students must carry their ID at all times during school days and school functions.

    Student handbooks

    All students receive a handbook/planner. This book serves three purposes. First, it is an assignment notebook for students to keep records of class assignments. Second, it contains information and procedures that students need to know how to successfully navigate through the middle school years. Third, the student handbook is a great tool for parents, students, and teachers to use for communication and keeping track of assignments.

    Student fees

    There is a fee structure for athletics, activities and clubs. We at Franklin support the extracurricular programs and do not want any student denied the opportunity to participate because they are unable to pay. Please call (682-2060), Mr. Bendis, or Mr. Kish if you need assistance with fees.


    Main Number: 630-682-2060 

    Attendance line: 630-682-2359



    • An absence for any reason requires a mandatory phone call which can be made the night before (24-hour phone line) or the day of the absence before 8:00 am.  Even if your child is absent several days in a row for the same illness, you need to call them in absent each day.

    • The direct attendance line (you may leave a message in English or Spanish, 24 hours a day) is 630-682-2359.

    • Please leave the student’s name, grade, and the reason for the absence when leaving a message.

    Early Dismissals/Appointments


    • If your child is going to leave early for any reason, please send a note with your child which he/she should bring to the main office before going to his/her locker in the morning.

    • You may also call and/or leave a message on the attendance line any time with this information as well.  630-682-2359

    • A pass will be given to your child so they can come to the main office at the designated time.

    • Pull your vehicle up in front of door 1 and call the front office at 630-682-2060, or ring the doorbell at door 1,  and your child will come outside to your vehicle. 

    Health Office


    Students are not allowed to call or text anyone to pick them up without being seen by the health office staff beforehand.   A nurse will then call the student’s guardian or emergency contact to come pick them up, if necessary.


    Messages/Dropping off Items


    We understand that occasionally you need to get a message or a forgotten item to your child; however, to avoid learning interruptions:

    • Messages/items can be left on the table in the vestibule of door 1.  Students have been told this protocol, and therefore they know to check here for anything that they may have forgotten; lunches, gym clothes, instruments, etc.

    • There are name tags so that you can write your child’s name/grade on their item.

    • Please avoid texting/calling your child’s cell phone during the school day.

    • If there is an emergency, we will gladly contact your child.

    • No fast food drop-offs/deliveries allowed.




    For short-term absences, please have your child reach out to their individual teachers via email or on Google classroom for instruction on how to make up any missing work.  For long-term absences, their guidance counselor can help you and your child determine the best method of keeping up with work.



    All visitors to the building must check in/sign in at the main office and receive a visitor’s badge before entering the school building.



    • Parents are urged to adjust a student’s medication schedule so that medication may be given under parent supervision. 

    •  If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school, a signed note from the parent and the student’s physician must accompany the medication and be given to the health office.  

    • Copies of the Medication Permission Forms are available in the main office and on the district website.  All medication must be in its original container, kept in the health office, and distributed through the health office.  

    • Please note: The school cannot administer any medication, including over-the-counter medication, without the above mentioned form.



    • Vacations during periods when school is in session are strongly discouraged.  Even the most conscientious efforts of students and teachers are no substitute for daily attendance.  

    • If students must take a vacation during the school year, they must notify the attendance line (630-682-2359) at least one week prior to the vacation.  

    • Upon returning to school, students should arrange with their teachers to come in before or after school to make up tests, labs and other assignments, at the teacher’s convenience.


    Menus/Lunch accounts

    This school year, 2022-2023, school lunches are no longer "free for all".  Please see the CUSD200 website for information on how to apply for free/reduced meals.