• Course Description
    Driver Education is a three-phase correlated program that fulfills the state requirement for obtaining a driver's license before a student's 18th birthday. The classroom phase emphasizes the theory of good driving practice and safety precautions. The development of good attitudes toward driving will be stressed. The simulator phase introduces the student to proper driving techniques, giving exposure to a variety of simulated driving conditions. The car phase permits practice and perfection in the skill of driving.
    Important Additional Driver Education Information:
    • Driver Education requires a $250.00 per student fee.
    • A Social Security number must be secured before beginning this course.House Bill #418 (Public Act 88-188) dictates that in order for a public or private school student to be eligible for enrollment in Driver Education, he/she must have received a passing grade in at least eight (8) courses during the previous two (2)semesters. The change also applies to commercial driving schools, which must verify through a written confirmation form with the high school that the student has met this requirement before enrolling him/her in their commercial school.
Last Modified on August 28, 2018