Advanced Freshmen English

  • Freshman Advanced English - First Semester General Syllabus

    including Tardy and Late Work Policies

    Mr. Samuel Hadden


    Works to be read:  This semester we will focus our attention on the following:

    • Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon
    • 1984 by George Orwell
    • Various poems, short stories, and informational texts
    • Odyssey by Homer 
    • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë


    Note: The student purchase text this semester will be Brontë’s Jane Eyre.  This school board approved measure allows students to engage the text on a more in-depth level and the instructor to teach higher-end critical reading strategies.  Students should purchase the Norton Critical Edition ISBN# 978-0393975420.  While we will not begin the novel until November, it is recommended students purchase the novel well in advance to avoid any problems.


    Assessment: Students will be assessed through:


    Homework/Quizzes            Objective examinations                     Essays                    Projects/Presentations

    Class work/Participation (10% )                       Final examination (20%)


    Tardy Policy:  Students need to be in class when the bell rings.  Students who are not in the room when the bell rings need to obtain a red tardy pass from the attendance office or the LLC.  After three tardies total, disciplinary consequences will be meted out by the deans.


    Late Work Policy: 


    Homework:  All students are expected to hand in homework assignments at the time they are due.  If a student has an excused absence, that student has as many days as the absence to hand in the assignment.  If a student has an unexcused absence (a student “cuts” class), the assignment in question will not be accepted late.  Homework may be accepted late (with penalty) under extraordinary circumstances.


    “Write to Pass” Papers and Student Projects:  All “Write to Pass” papers and student projects are required to be turned in on the day they are due.  If a student is absent, that paper needs to be turned in on the due date regardless of the absence (have a parent or friend deliver the assignment/email it).  Any essay turned in late or any student project not completed on the due date will be penalized up to one letter grade a day the work remains unfinished.


    Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones should be turned off or muted upon entering class.  While students may use their cell phones at times for research purposes, students are prohibited from using them for any other reason.  Students who break this policy are subject to receive a teacher’s detention; repeat offenders will receive a dean’s referral.


    Google Classroom: A calendar for first semester can be accessed through our Google Classroom.  Note: Do NOT post questions to me via Google Classroom. Any questions should be sent through my Gmail account:  Do not post on Google Classroom unless specifically told to do so.


    Successful A Level Students: Freshman year is largely about learning how to be a successful student.  Here are some qualities of a successful A Level student: reads EVERY night, takes notes while reading, goes beyond plot (ANALYZE!), shows academic curiosity (LOOK IT UP !), turns in work on time, is organized, self-advocates (ask questions/ask for help), maintains a positive attitude, raises hand often.