Communications Studies

  • Chris Hendrickson


    Voice Mail: 630-784-7200 (ex 8656)


    Online Grades and Resources:

    Student grades are posted on Synergy. Assignments, handouts, unit reviews, and other resources are posted on Google Classroom.

    *All writing is submitted through


    Course Expectations:

    Develop proficiency in the organization and delivery of speeches, group interaction, one-on-one communication, persuasive techniques, research, and recognize coercive strategies used by commercial media.



    Public Speaking

    • How to deliver a speech; presentation organization

    Interpersonal Communication

    • Communication between two people: listening, verbal and non-verbal messages in specific context; differences in male/female communication


    • Finding information, organization, MLA citation skills

    Group Communication

    • Elements of working in a small group

    Media and Mass Communication

    • Strategies of commercial persuasion, effects and consequences of media intrusion   


    Grades will be based on speeches, presentations, classwork, tests, quizzes, and papers



    I am available for assistance most mornings (except Wednesdays) in room G183, from 6:40 until 7:15, during 4th hour lunch, 5th hour planning, 8th hour study hall, and after school by appointment.