• A-level Expectations


    1.       Distinct expectations of A-level English students –

     intellectually curious

     embrace academic challenges

     understand that struggling is part of the learning process

     acknowledge that “end” products are graded

     hold self to a higher standard of excellence

     put forth 100%+ effort

     apply knowledge to various situations

     value intellectual discussions

     internalize learning – can self-assess the quality of one’s work, inherently understands what quality work “looks” like

     take ownership of the learning process


    2.       Seeking appropriate help

     learning self-advocacy

             getting help in a timely fashion, do not wait until the last minute

     utilizing Access and study hall time effectively

     realizing the various resources that are available to aid in learning


    3.       Accessing student/parentvue and Google classroom

     Students and parents should know students’ grades, scores, missing work, etc.

     Students and parents should check the Resources section for schedules, documents, and handouts that need to be printed and consulted.


    4.       Adhering to the English Department Policies

     I expect students and parents to familiarize themselves with and understand the English Department Policies. Not knowing the policies will not excuse the student from the consequences stated in the policy document.

     If an emergency prevents the student from complying with a specific aspect of the English Department Policies, a parent/guardian must contact me within an appropriate time period [not the due date of a major assignment].


    5.       Students’ responsibilities

     Bring necessary materials to class in order to engage in the learning environment.

     Take notes during class and to actively listen. 

     Know due dates of all assignments.

    o   Due dates will be on schedules, assignment sheets, and reviewed during class time.

     Make up missed work due to excused absence from class

    o   consult schedule to know what was missed

    o   contact a reliable friend from class

    o   check with me for “new” due date

     Complete assignments on time

     Ask questions and seek help when struggling, confused, or anxious; however, these conditions are part of the learning process! Student must bring work to the “help” session that shows effort.