• Sandburg Visitors’ Guidelines


    1. A visitor must have a legitimate purpose for visiting and be able to state the purpose of the visit.
      Examples of legitimate purposes include:

    • volunteering for a teacher or staff member, as previously arranged with the teacher and/or staff member.

    • a scheduled conference with a teacher and/or staff member.

    • classroom visit that has been previously arranged with the classroom teacher and approved by the Principal.

    • a school event where all visitors are invited and welcome to attend. (i.e., Halloween Parade, assemblies, special classroom or grade level presentations that include invited guests)

    • a scheduled committee meeting in which the visitor is a member of the committee.

    1. All visitors must sign in the office and wear a visitor’s sticker during the visit.

    2. Visitors should only visit the areas of the school as necessary for the purpose of their visit.

    3. The Staff Center/Workroom is not available during the lunch hour, staff meetings, or staff breakfasts.

    4. In the event of a crisis drill, visitors are required to follow the school’s protocols for the drill.

    5. All visitors must sign out at the end of the visit and exit door 1.

    6. All visitors are expected to adhere to District 200 confidentiality guidelines, which include refraining from discussing and sharing any confidential information or personal opinions regarding students observed while visiting.
Last Modified on December 3, 2018