We completed a Frog and Toad story and took the test on it yesterday. A copy of the test will come home next week.

    The next story is titled Wilson Sat Alone

    Vocabulary is amazing, clustered, gathered, raced, wandered


    We also began a Visualizing and Verbalizing story title The Choice. I will send home a copy of the sheet that accompanies the story when we complete it next week so you have a better "picture" of what the format is as we go over the 4 sentence story. Previously we have spent time using the visual cards for our structure words, learning about what we need to picture as we read. 

    My phrase I use with all of my kiddos is "When you make a picture, you make a movie of the words you read, in your head." I have also introduced the word "scene" and talked about a play and how the curtain goes down when the actors need to change the place/setting. We do that all the time when we are reading a book and how important it is to pay attention to when the author changed the scene.



    Last week we finished Henry and Mudge under the Yellow Moon. Our current story is Days with Frog and Toad. We have gone over vocabulary and will be reading it next week and taking the reading test next Thursday.





     Being that we are doing the One School One Book, we are doing a writing that reflects on the story, currently. A rough draft was written that begins...

     Fern likes taking care of her pet Wilbur. She has to____________ and ________________. The hardest thing about taking care of Wilbur is________________________. If I got to take care of an animal like Fern does I would like to take care of a __________________because I could___________________________. Taking care of an animal is ______________.


     We are now going to be putting the writing on the computer with the use of the graphic organizer I made titled:

     When I create a writing on the computer I will follow these step:

     I will send the writing home when that is complete.

     I am reading the story aloud to students, as time permits. 



    We have been reading two stories by the same author, Jon Kasson. They are: This Is Not My Hat and I Want My Hat Back. We compared and contrasted the characters, ending, and problems, writing down this information.

    We will be getting back on computers next week again, having the students use a sheet that I created with the steps needed to take when logging onto the computer all the way to creating a final piece of writing. This visual will be something we will use the rest of the school year.

    The students brought in their recipes. These will be used to help create recipe books over the upcoming weeks. 







    Science unit begins next week. Mrs. Goro and I have created some modified work to accompany the unit.



    5TH Grade is finishing up with Mesopotamia. Test will be next Friday, the 30th. Science will follow with a unit on Energy. 


  • MATH


    We took an assessment on telling time to the hour and half hour this week. I will send a copy of this home to parents. We are now telling time to the 15 minute time and then to 5 minutes and the concepts of AM and PM being covered as well. ANY EXTRA PRACTICE WITH THIS AT HOME WOULD BE GREAT!

    After completing time, we are diving into money. The goal is to identify the values of dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. This is done daily with calendar math, so I am not going to be spending too much time on this separate from calendar time. We will, though, do some work on adding up money and how much money do we need to buy something. 



    We have been reviewing place value to the 100's. It has been helpful for us to have a "number of the day" because it gives an opportunity to revisit concepts we have covered throughout the school year, as we do different tasks with the number given. So far we have had the number 25 and 36. The worksheet includes having to write:

    drawing base 10 blocks to show the number

    how many is one more, one less, 10 more, 10 less, double, half, plus 100.

    write number in words

    write number in expanded form

    is it even or odd


    Calendar math is also done daily. My favorite part is having students documenting the number we are on for school days, using coins, and they are learning exchanging pennies for nickels, and nickels for dimes, etc. We are currently on number 79. This is the number of days we have been in school this year. 

    We are beginning telling time with an analog clock. We are on half hour and will be going to quarter hour and five minute increments as we progress.




    No new spelling words next week. We will be getting a new list the week of Feb. 9.


    We are taking a test this week. We will skip next week, then I will assess for a new list the following week, to study.