• Reading

    Decoding Strategies Group:

    The students are working through the book titled Decoding Strategies. This is a Reading intervention program that includes work on decoding (being able to read/sound out) words as they read, comprehension (understanding what they read), and fluency (reading speed/words per minute). Throughout each lesson the students get points. These points are totaled at the end of each lesson. Each lesson is worth approximately 25 points. When they reach 100 points they get a prize that I will decide on..:) Then we start over again at 0 points and again work to get 100. 


    We are reading Kit the Kangaroo in our Decoding Strategies Book and working on words that end in silent e and how they are pronounced when the suffix ed or ing are added.


    Visualizing and Verbalizing Group:

    The students are remembering how we "make a movie of the words that we read, in our head" as we picture 4 sentence stories. We focus on the following structure words when we read:

    what, color, shape, movement, background, when, size, number, where, mood, perspective, sound


    We are currently reading The Choice. This is about a squirrel who wants to take the large nut up the tree, but he struggles to do this, so he takes the small one. 





  • Math


    •communtative and associative properties of addition

                  example of communtative property

                  a + b = b + a

                  example of associative property

                  (a + b ) + c  =  a + ( b + c )

                  We have worked a lot on understanding that when you add 3 numbers together, you must do two steps in order to solve the problem. 

    We are now beginning 3 digit addition without regrouping. This was covered previously, in their classroom this year. I plan to get into regrouping rather quickly being that this is a review. We often pull out our number lines to help with the addition facts for those who are still working on some facts.