• Kindergarten Programs

    Our District offers several different Kindergarten programs so that we are best able to meet all of the needs of our students. The common goal for all of our programs is to prepare them for the first grade.

    Half Day Programs

    Regular Half Day
    Bilingual Half Day
    Early Childhood Kindergarten (ECK) for Students with Special Needs

    Full Day Programs

    All Day Kindergarten

    Bilingual All Day Kindergarten


    Frequently Asked All-Day Kindergarten Questions

    1. How much will it cost for my student to attend the All-Day Kindergarten Program?

    The tuition cost for the All-Day Kindergarten Program is $4,000. All students will be required to pay the full amount unless the applicant qualifies through the District Fee Waiver Process which could entitle the student to attend at a pro-rated fee. The District 200 Business Office will develop a fee payment plan for families who want to pay the tuition throughout the school year.

    2. How will the All-Day Kindergarten Program compare to the half-day program?

    Students in both programs will receive the District 200 Core Kindergarten Curriculum. Students in the All-Day Kindergarten Program will have extended learning experiences that allow for more in-depth exploration of the core curriculum.

    3. What schedule will the All-Day Kindergarten Program follow?

    The All-Day Kindergarten Program will follow the District 200 attendance calendar and traditional elementary school hours.

    4. How will students be selected?

    Students will be signed up on a "first come, first served" basis. If you have additional questions, please contact Matt Jewell, Coordinator of K-8 Curriculum, at 630-682-2464 or matthew.jewell@cusd200.org

    Kindergarten Handbooks

    Each year the District provides parents of Kindergarten students with an overview of what they can expect from their child's Kindergarten program.

    Kindergarten Handbook 2017-2018 - English
    Kindergarten Handbook 2017-2018 - Spanish

    Kindergarten Curriculum

    Below you will find Board Approved curriculum for Kindergarten.

    Math Trimester 1

    Here is a blank example of the Kindergarten Report Card.
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