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    It's the little things...

    Every day, staff in our classrooms inspire their students to achieve academic excellence and personal success. Students often say that it's the little things teachers and staff do that make a big difference in their lives. To recognize those small, and sometimes big things our staff do, our PTA Council and Superintendent developed a staff recognition program - the Inspiration Program.
    The Inspiration Program allows students to submit a nomination, either online or in paper, to the Superintendent's Office. Students are asked to give a brief description about their teacher and why he or she inspires them and has made a difference in their lives.
    In the first few months of the program, we received 30 Inspiration Nominations. Each teacher who was nominated received a copy of the nomination, along with a note from the Superintendent and PTA Council thanking them for making a difference in the lives of our students. 
    Last week, a prize patrol surprised the top four nominees in their classrooms with a framed copy of their inspiration, a balloon and an inspirational poem with District 200 pin. The top four Inspiration Nominees were Ms. Katherine Alvis (Wiesbrook), Mrs. Ellen Murphy (Wheaton North), Mrs. Linda Ritrovato (Sandburg) and Ms. Kristin Tonn (Madison).
    Congratulations to all staff who received a nomination and thank you to all our staff who inspire our students each and every day! 
    Pictured above is Sandburg's Mrs. Ritrovato with the student who nominated her, Cloey Garcia. Other members of the Sandburg prize patrol from left to right are Lynn Kadel of the PTA Council, Aaron Bacon, Principal of Sandburg and Superintendent Jeff Schuler. 
    English Learner Program Achieves Excellent Results
    District 200 is proud to celebrate 244 students who exited the English Learner program this year according to ACCESS testing. The Illinois State Board of Education suggests that annually districts should have 12% of English Learner students attain English proficiency and this year, we had 20% of our English Learners attain English proficiency and exit the program.   
    2015-16 Registration is Open
    Registration for the 2015-16 School Year opened on Monday, June 6. For all registration details, follow this link.  
    New E-School Bag Postings (Week of 6/1)
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    Wed., June 10 at 7:30 p.m.
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    Wed., July 8 at 7:30 p.m.
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    Upcoming Events
    Taste of Wheaton
    Thursday, June 4 - Sunday, June 7 in downtown Wheaton. For more information visit www.tasteofwheaton.com
    Last Day of School - June 8
    June 8 is the last day of school grades K-11 and is a full day of school. Today, June 5 is the last day of school for early childhood. 
    Student Records Destruction Notice - June 26, 2015
    District 200 is scheduled to destroy student’s temporary records from the year 2010, in accordance with the Illinois School Code and current School Board policy. Please contact the Registrar at Wheaton North or Wheaton Warrenville South High Schools prior to the dates above, to arrange to receive a copy of your/or your child’s temporary records. After the date listed above, the records will be destroyed. 
    Jack's Army 4th Annual Golf Outing - Monday, July 20th
    Klein Creek Golf Club
    All proceeds go to research efforts and awareness by the Jack Pribaz Foundation to fight KCNQ2. For more information, see the flier.  
    Summerdaze by the Warrenville Park District
    August 7-8 - For more information visit their website.  
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