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    District Seeks Volunteers 
    District 200 is seeking volunteers to serve on two important committees - the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Enrollment Committee
    CItizens Advisory Committee (CAC)
    The mission of the CAC is to improve our schools by advising the Administration and Board of Education regarding educational and other issues facing the District. Members will study and deliberate problems, issues and questions of concern to the District and report the results of their studies to the Board of Education. This committee also fulfills the Board’s commitment of ongoing, meaningful engagement with the broader community. This committee will meet 4-6 times throughout a school year.

    In preparing to add members to the CAC, please know that the selection committees will seek representation from the various geographic areas within District 200 boundaries. We seek a cross-section of opinions and educational perspectives with a general ability to work constructively with others. More than 70% of District 200 households do not have school-aged children in them and those households also should be represented on our committee.

    On our website, you will find an application and the committee's Charter & Bylaws.  If you would like to submit an application or have questions, please contact Mary Lou Sender at the District 200 School Service Center at (630) 682-2002 or Mary.Sender@cusd200.org
    Enrollment Committee
    The enrollment committee meets annually to review:  
    • the District's demographic study with enrollment projections;  
    • evaluate actual student enrollment data and trends; 
    • understand capacity as it relates to scheduling; understand how and why special education programs are distributed across the District; 
    • review Special Education and English Learner Program enrollment by building; 
    • review enrollment and classroom utilization at Jefferson Early Childhood Center; 
    • review permissive transfer data by home and receiving schools; and
    • identify recommendations, if necessary, for the Superintendent. 
    This year, the committee will be asked to review enrollment as it relates to the District's Facility Master Planning efforts. The enrollment committee will meet 2-3 times in the fall. Interested volunteers should contact Erica Loiacono at erica.loiacono@cusd200.org or 630-682-2469.  
    Surprise for Mrs. Wegscheid  
    Mrs. Wegscheid  has been an orchestra teacher at Edison Middle School for 30 years and also at Wheaton Warrenville South High School (WWS) for the past seven years. Last August, we wrote a story about Mrs. Wegscheid's 19th Annual Garage Orchestra - a musical camp she began hosting for students in the garage of her home.
    What started off as only a few interested students eventually grew to more than 125 dedicated orchestra students each summer. To close out the summer, Wegscheid would host an end of summer concert for more than 500 students and their families in her backyard.
    This year, unfortunately, Mrs. Wegscheid wasn't able to have a garage orchestra. Instead, 12 students from Edison and WWS created a "living room orchestra" with the goal of holding a concert for Mrs. Wegscheid at the end of summer. The students rehearsed in the living room of Susan Nordmark, an Edison parent.
    On August 13, Mrs. Wegscheid's students surprised her with a brilliant concert. Parent Sandy Armstrong remarked that it was a beautiful event and a wonderful tribute to a devoted orchestra teacher. You can view pictures of the concert on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

    Electronic School Bag 
    New Policy Postings for Public Review 
    On August 12, the Board approved to post Proposed Revised Policy 8.25 DRAFT - Advertising and Distributing Materials in Schools Provided by Non-School Related Entities. Comments can be directed to Dr. Robert Rammer.
    Upcoming Board Meetings 
    Wed, September 16 at 7:30 pm.
    Johnson Elementary 
    Regular Meeting 
    Wed., September 30 at 7:30 p.m.
    School Service Center
    Committee of the Whole 
    To view Board Meeting Agendas, highlights from previous Board Meetings and more, click here.
    Upcoming Events
    Going out to eat? Support our local PTAs. Click HERE for a full listing of Cook’s Night Out events.
    WWS Girls' Soccer Car Wash
    Saturday, August 22nd
    8am-5pm Get a Tiger wash or oil change and proceeds benefit WWS Soccer! Flier
    Friends of Wheaton Library Book Sale - August 25-29 See flier for details.  
    Wheaton North Future Falconette Dance Camps Two classes offered for students ages 4 -8th grade More info here. 
    State of Our Schools - Wednesday, September 23 at 7:00 p.m. at Hubble Middle School. Presentation by Dr. Jeff Schuler, Superintendent.  
    Light the Torch Run - Register now for the Light the Torch 5k Night Run. Friday, September 25.More information at wheatonparkdistrict.com/lightthetorc
    Falcon 5K - Sunday, October 25 - Race begins at 9:00AM (registration begins at 8:00AM) Back by popular demand for those 8 years or younger - Are your faster than a Falcon race at 10:15AM. Please see the WN Booster site for more details.
    Warrenville Library Programs - The Warrenville Library is offering to helpful programs for families with high school students, Welcome to High School and College Financial Aid Planning. Check them out!
    Wheaton World Tour - Wheaton Reads, Celebrate Our Diversity - Sunday, September 13 from 1-4pm West Plaza, Wheaton Public Library. More details...
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