Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel
Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel

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Future of Instruction & Technology

Did you know the top ten in demand jobs in 2013 didn't exist in 2004? Did you know there are 31 billion searches on Google each month? The exponential growth of technology and demand for information is changing the way students in today's world are learning. As you can see in this video, the world we live in is rapidly changing. Note that the video is already five years old.
How do we prepare students for jobs that don't exist yet? In the future, our students will solve problems that haven’t been created yet; use technology that hasn’t yet been invented; change jobs/careers frequently and have access to free and endless information in seconds. 

In the future, students will be valued for their creativity and ability to problem solve more than what knowledge they possess. Top companies in the world, like those in the Fortune 500, will tell you that they need employees who are creative thinkers, problem solvers and life-long learners.

What are we doing to prepare students for a future we can't predict? We have designed our learning environments. Our learning environment should look like the Future of Instruction & Technology (FIT). We are ensuring that our learning environments enable learners to access, synthesize and share knowledge while collaborating and creating anytime, anywhere. Student experiences are designed to foster critical thinking, parallel real-world situations and meet individual needs of learners as they develop mastery of standards. What does that really mean? 

Teachers are changing the way they teach. Watch the video to hear from our teachers and students. 

Teachers are using technology to engage students. Not only does technology allow teachers to differentiate instruction so that learning is personalized, but technology also allows teachers to always know a student's level of mastery in a particular area to make sure that all students are supported and challenged.
Universal Access to Technology

Part of the District's vision for the learning environment is that students can collaborate and create anytime, anywhere. In order to do that, students need to have access to technology when they need it, both in school and at home.
In 2016, the Board of Education approved the purchase of 4,700 new Chromebooks, infusing a significant amount of devices into our schools. Older model laptops were refurbished and distributed to middle and high school students who needed them to take home.
In District 200, we believe that there is a lot of great teaching and learning that doesn't constantly require a device - which is why our goal for technology is Universal Access. Students should have access to technology when they need it. 
Do you need a device? Contact your school principal or librarian.