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    Hawthorne Receives $10,000 in Grantsharkleroad
    This past fall, Hawthorne teachers  Julie Schubert and Fran Jensen, reading specialist Diane Corbett, LLC director Ashley Young and speech and language pathologist Dana Harkleroad were excited recipients of more than $10,000 in grant funds from Ecolab
    With a location in Naperville, Ecolab is a leader in science research and production of safe chemicals for cleaning, surgical rooms, water treatment and more. The goal of their school educator grant program is to encourage and regard educator creativity and innovation in classroom learning. Grants can be used on materials only - not technology or devices. 
    The Hawthorne teachers agree that supplemental materials to existing curriculum resources are an important part of teaching and learning, and allows them to be creative in their instruction with all students.
    For example, kindergarten and first grade teachers shared some concern with speech and language pathologist Dana Harkleroad that some students were having difficulty with basic concepts like sequence (first, last) and position (top, bottom). MagneFoam magnets and boards are extremely helpful in teaching basic concepts but are considered supplemental materials. Because of the grant, Harkleroad was able to purchase several MagneFoam kits at different levels to really enhance the student learning experience. 
    Hawthorne Principal Danielle Moran is thrilled and grateful that several of her teachers were awarded grants. "The funds received will help us reach the goals in our school improvement plan in reading, math, and social emotional learning, in addition to providing extended learning opportunities for students with special needs. While our teachers are experts in their field and highly resourceful, the items we purchased using the grant monies will help us reach the individual needs of students and expand our library collection," says Moran. 

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