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    Future Ready LibrariesLLC  
    Several years ago, if you walked into a school library or LLC (library learning center) and you were talking, most likely the school librarian would have told you to whisper. Today's LLC is an active, engaging learning hub in District 200 schools - and our LLC directors play an exciting role in that change. 
    "Schools are no longer just places for students to acquire knowledge," says Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services Faith Dahlquist. Rather, "Schools are now places to find out how to use and apply knowledge. Information and content is being created at record speeds and schools can't possibly hope to equip students will all the scientific knowledge that they will need 20-30 years from now."
    So how do our schools adapt? Dahlquist and her team regularly work with teachers and staff to implement the District's Future of Instruction and Technology (FIT) plan. "Our teachers help students learn how to think critically and draw connections. We must equip students with the skills they need to continually learn and adapt to an ever changing world that has a heavy reliance on technology," says Dahlquist.
    The LLC has become a place for students to create and interact with information, not simply read about it. Students at Whittier Elementary recently participated in a reading buddies genius hour in the LLC. Second and fifth graders paired up to chose a topic of interest, research their topic and then develop interactive slide presentations with voice and animation. The project integrated elements of student choice, research, use of technology, creativity and collaboration. Watch some of their interactive slides about tiger sharks, cougars and African penguins
    creation Whittier's LLC is also home to the school's creation stations and allow students to explore, create and collaborate in a variety of ways. Using materials from Tinker Toys to Legos to Magna-tiles, students have created replicas of landmarks from countries researched for their World Fair projects, as well as structures that can withstand extreme weather.   
    The role of the LLC director has changed as well. Knowledge that was once stored in books is now accessible from devices. Rather than organizing and dispersing books in the past, LLC directors are now assisting learners in accessing information and collaborating to share information. Whittier's LLC Director, Lisa Zink, plays an active and integral role in building lesson plans with classroom teachers. "I help and support taking learning to the next level. When students can see and explore together, it engages them and keeps their interest."  
    marshmallow At Madison Elementary, LLC Director Diane Graham facilitated a marshmallow challenge with students. In the challenge, teams must build the tallest free-standing structure, in a short amount of time, out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string and one marshmallow.  
    On Wednesday, April 13, the Board of Education will hear a final Facility Master Plan report from architects Perkins + Will. We anticipate part of the report to to include facility needs and updates in libraries throughout the District to ensure our physical space promotes and encourages the type of learning taking place. 

    About the Future of Instruction and Technology - The District 200 learning environment enables learners to access, synthesize, and share knowledge while collaborating and creating anytime, anywhere. Experiences are designed to foster critical thinking, parallel real world situations, and meet individual needs of learners as they develop mastery of standards and skills.
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