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    Johnson Celebrates Diversityfacilityreport  

    Today, Johnson Elementary School hosted their 13th annual Multicultural Day Celebration. The day featured activities, food and fun from all around the world. 

    To start the day each grade level (kindergarten through 5th) receives a passport and then travels through a different region of the world. While the individual countries of a particular region change from year to year, the region remains consistent so that by the time a student leaves Johnson, they have throughout the world. Kindergarten students were especially excited to receive their very own passport. 
    Over 150 staff, parents and community members work together to create activities and transform classrooms and hallways so that students can travel the globe. The overwhelming participation of the entire school community is what Johnson Assistant Principal Jackie Rodriguez says makes their Multicultural Day so unique. "This is the one time each year where our entire school community, including volunteers, former students and retired teachers, come together to create an incredible learning experience for our students," says Rodriguez.
    The Johnson community really made sure that students were able to discover the world. Highlights of the day include creating ponchos in kindergarten; learning an Irish jig in first grade; learning to write and speak in Burmese in 2nd grade; exploring the Greek alphabet in 3rd grade; trying out Portuguese tribal face painting in 4th grade; and discovering the Kenyan wildlife in 5th grade. 
    First grade teacher Chuck Corbett was very impressed. "The activities throughout the day exposes our students to different cultures and opens a world of learning and excitement for them," says Corbett. 
    Above, Johnson teacher Nina Gianfresco teaches students how to make homemade Italian pasta. 
    Notice: Parentally Placed Private School Students 
    The Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004, requires a public school district to utilize a portion of its Federal Part B special education funds in order to provide students with disabilities, who attend private schools within the district, the opportunity to equitably participate in special education and services offered by the district.

    Each year, the principals of the private schools in District 200 are invited to a meeting in the district offices in which information about plans for working with students with disabilities in the upcoming school year are discussed. Also, additional information is shared pertaining to how students who are suspected of having one or more disabilities may access the district programs to assess the nature and scope of the suspected disabilities.
    This year, the meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 9:00 a.m., at the School Service Center, 130 W. Park in Wheaton. Parents of students attending a private or parochial school – or students who are home-schooled and need further information regarding services for their child should attend. 
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