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    New Google Certified Educators GCE  

    This school year Karen Saad, Wheaton North's Instructional Technology Specialist, organized a group of 16 teachers at Wheaton North who created their own, informal cohort and became Level 1 Google Certified Educators. After completing 13 hours of training, teachers took a three-hour certification test.

    The training units covered topics like appropriate and creative use of technology in the classroom, how to have a paperless classroom, bringing student work online, measuring and understanding student growth, building interactive lessons, captivating the class with video and promoting digital citizenship and positive online behavior.  
    Why would District 200 teachers be interested in completing a Google Certification like this? Google offers a suite of free services like Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education - tools that teachers utilize to enhance the student learning experience. Schools are no longer just places for students to acquire knowledge. Schools are now places to find out how to use and apply knowledge.
    The tools offered through Google are highly engaging and provide a resource for students to acquire and apply knowledge. The teachers who became certified will increase their ability to creatively engage students in learning through the use of the Google suite. 
    Karen Saad is thrilled with the outcome of the certification. "This training process demonstrates options for teachers to engage students in anytime, anywhere learning with a heavy emphasis on how to create collaborative experiences for our students - which are areas of focus for the teaching and learning in our District," said Saad. 
    Prior to the training process, art teacher Christopher Ness has dabbled in his use of Google apps. "Now I have a better handle on how to use Google Forms to quiz my students on their understanding of vocabulary, for example. It's a tool I can use easily and quickly to help me make sure students learned what I wanted them to learn," says Ness. 
    Wheaton North staff who participated in the Google cohort are Betty Basista Ronaldson, Keagan Castro, Patricia Delacruz, Nicole Godzicki, Jennifer Green, Evan James, Erin Martin, Christopher Ness, Mollie O'Connor, Elizabeth Ortiz, Angela Pigoni, Karen Saad, Lisa Schmalz, Laura Scott, Rachelle Terada and Benjamin Yergler. 

    Summer Mobile Pantries 
    Each month for this calendar year, the District and the Northern Illinois Food Bank will host at least one mobile pantry at various places in the community that are open to all District 200 families. A complete list of mobile pantries can be found on our website
    Families are encouraged to take advantage of mobile pantries during the SUMMER months!
    May 26 - Johnson Elementary - 4:15 to 6:15 pm
    June 4 - Lowell Elementary - 10 to noon
    June 25 - St. Charles Square Apts. - 10 to noon
    July 13 - Immanuel Food Pantry - 10 to noon
    July 23 - Lowell Elementary - 10 to noon
    August 6 - Villagebrook Apts. - 10 to noon
    August 20 - First Baptist Church - 10 to noon
    The Rotary Club of Wheaton raised more than $33,000 to purchase mobile food pantries for District 200 families through the Northern Illinois Food Bank. 
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