• Battle of the Books General Information

    Participants should complete at least 10 books over the summer in order to keep pace.  Returning 5th graders will complete 20 books and worksheets to make the team. New members will complete 15 books and worksheets. We have outlined the order in which the books will be covered in the fall, so please use that as a guideline. The schedule is in their folder, please adhere to your child's assigned book list.

    Where to find the books

    1) The Wheaton Public Library keeps their Battle of the Books collections in a special section. You may obtain a free library card from the public library specifically for Battle books, so you do not need to be a member.

    2) I also have at least 1 copy of each book, so please feel free to borrow from me. I have a plastic bin on my screened-in-porch which will have books and a sign out sheet. Please be respectful of the other battlers and read, complete the worksheet and return the book quickly.

    3) Buy them on Amazon. The advantage to having a set at home is that your student always has a book available and they can go back to complete the worksheets or reference them later when we are drilling facts. They can also annotate them as they wish.

    Battle of the Books will require a great deal of commitment on the part of the child and parent.  When a book is complete, your battler needs to complete the Printable Worksheet for each book on the next tab. Worksheets should be completely filled out to count. Parents will initial a sheet that they have checked it for completion before turning it in for grading.



Last Modified on May 11, 2020