• Text Notifications with Blackboard
    Beginning with the 2016-17 School Year, all District 200 schools have the capability to communicate with parents via one-way text messaging.

    How do I opt-in to receive text notifications?
    • If you had a CELL number listed in ParentVue prior to August 1, you are automatically opted in to receive text notifications. 
    • If you want to opt-in to text after August 1, enter your cell number in the CELL field in your ParentVue account. 
    • Many families have a cell number in the “home” number field because a cell number is their home number. You will still need to list a number in the CELL field in order to receive text notifications. 
    What happens after parents opt-in?
    The District will send out a mass subscription confirmation text on August 1 to all families who have a CELL number listed in ParentVue prior to August 1. If you enter a number in the CELL field in ParentVue after August 1, you will receive a confirmation text within 24 hours.

    If I didn’t receive the confirmation text or I want to sign up for text messages after August 1, what do I do?
    Check your ParentVue account to make sure you have your CELL number listed correctly in the correct field. If you still do not receive text messages, please contact your school.

    How do I opt-out?
    Opt-out of text notifications at any time by texting STOP or QUIT to 23177 or 63079.

    What if I opted out but I want to opt back in?
    Text SUBSCRIBE to 23177 or 63079 anytime to opt back in.

    If I opt out of text notifications, do I opt-out of all notifications from my school?
    No, you only opt out of text notifications. You will still receive phone calls or emails from your school if the school sends through those means.

    Who pays for the text messages?
    The receiver is subject to all applicable messaging charges depending on their service provider. Standard message and data rates may apply.

    “Who” will I receive text messages from?
    All text messages from any District 200 school will come from either 23177 or 63079. Parents can expect a school name reference in the message body.

    Note that not every District 200 school may utilize the text messaging communications. If you aren’t sure if your principal uses text messaging to communicate, just ask!

    Can I respond to text messages I receive?
    Your school will NOT receive any responses you send. If you need to communicate with your school based on information contained in a text message, please contact the school via phone or email.