• Instructional Hardware Systems
    The District has standardized devices needed in instructional areas for instruction. All rooms have projection, PC computer/laptop,  and document camera/capture device. The summer of 2016 finalized laptops and docking stations for middle and high level while elementary will be entering their second year with this technology.
    All classrooms have projection from the laptop docking station for presentation/instruction purposes. Most rooms have and LCD projector, but are being replaced with Flat Panel displays when the projectors useful life expires. Currently there are about sixty-five rooms with flat panel displays that have apps available for presentation and web surfing. A number of rooms also have smart boards for an interactive touch experience for both staff and students. 
    Many schools still utilize computer labs for large group instruction and many subject specific classes. A few of the elementary buildings have moved these lab devices out and are using the spaces in different and more creative ways.  This focus will continue as schools begin to utilize more mobile technology.
    Mobile devices now make up more of the devices supported by the Department of Technology. iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and other tablet devices have been a major focus as we put more devices in the hands of students and staff. Currently the district supports about 1000 Apple tablet devices (iPads and iPad mini), around 7500 Chromebooks, 1500 laptops and  1500 Desktops.
    Staff Laptops
    Certified staff are issued district owned laptops for use. The laptops are Dell 5250 models. Below is a help sheet for using classroom docking stations, power settings and information on software library use.