• Tri M Music Society


    Sponsor: grace.mayell@cusd200.org


    What must I do to be a part of Wheaton North’s Chapter of Tri-M?
    1. BE IN MUSIC! You must be a member of a curricular music class at Wheaton North during the year.
    2. Get good grades- you must have a C average in your non-music classes. You must have at least a B in your
    music class.
    3. Obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor in support of your application.
    4. Write a personal statement of 1-2 pages, describing your commitment to music and your qualifications for Tri-M.
    5. Complete the official Tri-M application.
    6. All members must contribute a one time fee of $20 upon acceptance.
    Freshmen are not eligible to apply.