•  CUSD 200 Students Can Help Energy Conservation Too!

    CUSD 200 students and teachers can do a lot to help save energy in our schools. Energy-saving things you do at home can also be done at schools.

    Turn Out the Lights

    Lighting is one of the largest users of energy in the classroom. By turning out the lights when a classroom is unoccupied, the school can save money. If no one is there, the switch turns off the light.

    Stop the Drips

    Hot water is another area that uses a great amount of energy. By fixing dripping hot water faucets, you can save water and save energy. If it's cold water, fix the dripping faucet anyway because sanitizing and delivering water takes energy too.  Report leaks and drips to your teacher.

    Close the Doors

    Leaving doors wide open to a room or building may make it more inviting to come in, but it wastes energy. Don't prop doors open but allow them to close after people walk through the doorway.

    Students... Get Involved!

Last Modified on October 4, 2013