• Program Overview

    CUSD 200 offers a comprehensive program for students whose primary language is not English. The goal of the program is to prepare students speaking native languages other than English to be successful in a regular classroom setting. Our English Learner Program seeks to enable English Learners (ELs) to become proficient in speaking, listening, reading, and writing of the English language. Our students’ academic and cultural experiences are valued and are positive contributions to the school and community.

    District Staff:
    Dr. Limaris Pueyo, Director of English Learners & Equity 
    (630) 682-2006

    Barbara Dziatkowiec, Instructional Coach and Coordinator                                         
    (630) 821-7900 ext. 2564                    
    Elsa Lopez, English Learner Program Secretary 
    (630) 682-2318
Last Modified on January 25, 2021