• Program at a Glance

    Approximately 1,200 students receive direct service each year through English as a Second Language and/or Bilingual programs. The students served by the Multilingual Learners (ML) program speak more than 80 languages. Our top languages are as follows:


    Elementary – Spanish, Burmese, Chin (Haka), Arabic

    Middle School – Spanish, Burmese, Nepali, Arabic

    High School - Spanish, Chin (Haka), Arabic, Burmese


    Instructional Goals
    To meet academic achievement standards for grade promotion and to become proficient in English.

    English as a Second Language (ESL) Instruction
    ESL classes are designed for teachers to differentiate grade-level instruction while developing English language proficiency. Academic and English instruction is provided at the same time. At the Elementary level students are in a mainstream classroom for the majority of the day and work with an ESL /Bilingual teacher for targeted English language development.

    Bilingual Instruction
    Bilingual classes are offered when 20 or more students sharing the same native language are enrolled at the same school. Instruction is delivered in the native language as well as English. As students attain higher levels of English proficiency, the students are placed into a Part-Time Bilingual program. These students are in a mainstream classroom for the majority of the day and work with a Bilingual teacher for part of the day.

    Sheltered English

    Sheltered English or content-based programs group ML students from the same or different backgrounds together in the same class. Teachers use English as the medium for providing content-area instruction, adapting the language to the English proficiency level of the students. Teachers must be Bilingual and/or ESL certified. 

Last Modified on June 14, 2021