• I would like to start each day with the Pledge of Allegiance and our classroom pledge:  

    Today I will... 

    Choose to be happy

    Promise to be brave

    Be kind, industrious, respectful and responsible

    I will be thankful and curious

    I will learn from my mistakes, 

    knowing that tomorrow is a new day-

    I’ve got this!

    Mrs. May's classroom management 
    • Rules are posted and referred to throughout the year:  be respectful, be curious, be thankful and be responsible- our classroom will be a safe and happy place to learn when the rules are followed.  Detailed or more specific rules will be generated in class and can fall into the catagories mentioned above.
    • Consequences: 
      • 1st infraction:  visual redirection
      • 2nd infraction: visual and/or verbal redirection
      • 3rd infraction:  parent contact- letter home
    I use positive reinforcement in the classroom.  
    Individual System
    Each student will receive a 5 frame card.  When I observe kids demonstrating our rules or initiate random acts of kindness, I hole punch the 5 frame card.  Students can earn a "golden ticket" once all 5 sections of the frame have been hole punched.  Golden tickets include:  wearing pjs to school, bring a stuffed animal to school, using a special pen or pencil etc. for the day.  Students receive a new 5 frame card once one is redeemed.
    Whole Class System
    The class as a whole can also earn a reward.  When adults at Whittier notice our good intentions, manners, civility, expected behaviors and kindness- I will add a ping pong ball to a celebration jar.  Once the jar is full- we vote on a celebration.  There are 20 ping pong balls.