Star Student

    Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Good's Star Student Schedule
    September 9-13 Joanna Thapa
    September 16-20 Scarlett Sobieray
    September 23-27 Presli Smith
    Sept. 30- Oct. 4 Lizeth Ramirez Ronces
    October 7-11 Addison Munie
    October 15-18 Yusuf Mirzayev
    October 21-25 Daisy Marwedel
    Oct. 28- Nov.1 Abel Martinez
    November 4-7 Nima Mahdooli Daraji
    November 11-15 Noah Lee
    November 18-22 Esther Kim
    December 2-6 Hyla Kashiwabara
    December 9-13 Angelos Jankulla
    December 16-20 Sejdi Ferati
    January 13-16 Louisa Enslen
    January 21-24 Madison Egan
    January 27- 31 Payton Czupowski
    February 3-7 Nathaniel Crose
    February 10-14 Daryel Bruno
    Febrary 18-21 Jackson Blue
    February 24-28 Jayleen Andujar
    March 2-6 Illia Alesiyuk

    This year we will be celebrating our classroom community by getting to know each other better and learning to appreciate what makes each of us unique.  To help accomplish this, each student will have one week when he/she may bring in a number of items to share with the class.  These should be things that help us get to know what this student likes to do, play, eat, work at, sing, study, etc.  Each student needs to bring in:

    • 6 – 10 pictures of themselves and their family
    • 6  items to show the class (if the item is too precious to leave at school for more than a day, a picture of that item will work too)

    Students will be given approximately twenty minutes on Wednesday during the week to share these items.  Don’t worry if your student has a shorter week due to illness or days off of school.  We’re flexible, and will find time for them to share.

     All items can be brought to school on Monday and should be returned home by Friday.

    Thank you for your help and support parents!