• Community Survey Results
    The Board of Education has spent a great deal of time developing, studying and prioritizing facilities projects that will preserve and enhance learning environments through cost-effective solutions. Thus, the Board of Education is considering a bond proposal on the April 2017 ballot to complete approximately $154 million in facilities work. In order to make that decision, the Board sought stakeholder input through a telephone and online community survey. 

    The results of the community survey were presented at their October 12 meeting. It is evident through the survey results that our community values the education students receive in District 200.
    For next steps, the Board will continue to evaluate the facilities projects while taking the findings of the community survey into account. The Facilities, Finance and Community Engagement Committees of the Board have meetings in the coming weeks to continue discussions around the identified projects, financing of potential work and engagement of our community. The Board is expected to have a discussion on the Facilities Master Plan at their next Committee of the Whole Meeting.