• Secured Entry

    District 200 schools have significant facility needs. We are seeking voter approval to issue $132.5 million in bonds to help finance needed repairs, renovations and upgrades to 19 of our 20 schools.
    Reinforcing secured entry access at 8 schools (Bower, Edison, Johnson, Lowell, Pleasant Hill, Sandburg, Whittier and Washington) are part of the April 4 Referendum plan. 

    All 20 District 200 schools require visitors to ring a bell and be granted access. However, at several schools, once a visitor is granted access to a building, they are not greeted by office staff immediately, which is a best practice in school security. At those schools without a reinforced secure entry, visitors often have to walk down a hallway, past students and classrooms, to check-in with office staff and receive assistance.

    Safety is a top priority in our schools and reinforcement of our school entrances is a needed project. Having a safe and secure entry ensures that visitors are entering our buildings safely. Watch the video below to learn more.