• Capital Projects

    capital projects District 200 schools have significant facility needs. We are seeking voter approval to issue $132.5 million in bonds to help finance needed repairs, renovations and upgrades to 19 of our 20 schools.
    More than 1/2 of the projects in the April 4 Referendum Plan are capital improvements at 18 of our 20 schools.
    These improvements are grouped under eight major categories (Paving, Roofing, Flooring, Mechanical, Electrical, Doors/Hardware, Windows and Other). The ‘other’ category includes: casework, ceilings, concrete, fencing; improvements in fixtures, furniture and equipment; fire protection, plumbing, siding, masonry and other items not otherwise classified under the seven major categories.

    A large number of District facilities (13/20) were constructed largely during the same time frame (between 1950-1970). As such, many facilities are seeing the need for improvements that come with the standard life cycle of a building (roofing, mechanical, electrical, etc).
    The video below provides a further visual explanation of the capital projects throughout the District.