• Library Learning Center Projects
    Renovations and reconfigurations to 17 school library learning centers (LLC) as part of the April 4 Referendum.
    Several years ago, if you walked into a school library or LLC (library learning center) and you were talking, most likely the school librarian would have told you to whisper. Today's LLC is an active, engaging learning environment. The role of the library in the student learning experience has changed. Libraries are no longer a place where students only consume information, rather they are also a place where students go to create and collaborate on projects. A library is becoming the hub of learning in a school. It's common to see multiple groups or classes working in a library at the same time.
    A library might look different as a result of a renovation simply from the layout of the space. There might be a variety of areas where students can work together in small groups at collaboration stations that could include a table with a TV monitor. Furniture that is flexible and movable is ideal in the 21st century library. A variety of areas will allow students and teachers to use the library in a variety of ways to enhance student engagement in the learning experience. 
    Watch this video for more details.