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    Furniture impacts learning mathdesks
    Wheaton Warrenville South math students and teachers are enjoying new Shapes Desks with dry erase tops courtesy of the Tiger Paws Booster Club. While the 30 tables have only been in the classroom for a week, they have been immediately incorporated into daily learning. 
    Today's classroom is flexible, active, student-centered and project based. To match the type of teaching and learning in today's classroom, the math department at South put in a request to the Tiger Paws earlier this year. 
    The dry erase tabletops are just like an erasable white board. Math students are able to work and rework math problems right in front of them in a large format. Freshman Emily Curylo says the tables allow her to just focus on the problem she's working through. "Now I don't have to focus on how much space I have, I can just focus on solving the problem in front of me." Watch this video to hear more from Emily. 
    Teacher Kelly Davis is also excited about the tables. "The tables allow students to show me their work in a large format that's easy for me to see. It makes it more possible for me to provide immediate, real-time feedback to them. These tables really encourage students to think big because they have more room to be creative in their work." The new desks are light and flexibly shaped to allow her and other teachers to group and regroup students depending on the class. Thank you, Tiger Paws! 
    investing Facility Projects Update
    District 200 schools have significant and critical facility needs. For the past 18+ months, the Board of Education has developed a Facility Master Plan and has worked to prioritize projects, determine how to fund the projects and plan for future facility needs.
    At their meeting Wednesday night, the Board continued some of those important discussions. Discussion items included:
    Critical repairs, renovations and upgrades to 19 of our 20 schools will cost $154.5 million. The Board of Education has discussed placing a question on the April 4, 2017 ballot to sell $132.5 million in bonds and has committed to fund the remaining $22 million in work out of reserves and future budgets. 
    The proposed bond scenario would cost the owner of median home value an additional $180 per year in taxes.   
    To plan for the future, the Board is reviewing Proposed Policy 4.152 Sherman Dergis*, a research-based model that forecasts and calculates repair and renewal costs over the life of a building. While the Board has maintained a Capital Development planning tool for several years, the policy would make a commitment to also budget annually for these projects.
    If the Board decides to place a question on the April 4, 2017 ballot, they would need to vote at their January 11, 2017 meeting. 

    *About Sherman-Dergis Formula - Developed at the University of Michigan, the research-based formula is used to estimate capital investment requirements over time and takes into account a building’s size, complexity, age and history. This formula is utilized by many municipalities throughout the country, including the City of Wheaton.

    Minecraft Winter Break Contest
    During this year’s Winter Break from December 20th through January 3rd, students who register for the contest will be able to build any design that they want in their own designated area in our Minecraft server. This contest is meant to keep students busy, be creative, and most importantly, to have fun! There are some great prizes up for grabs for the best creations, so head on over to the website to get started!
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    Policy Postings for Public Review      

    Board Policy - The Board has posted several new and revised policies for public review and comment. For questions or comments, please contact Dr. Robert Rammer at 630-682-2105 or robert.rammer@cusd200.org.
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