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    The Season Brings Balance balance
    In recent years, much of the focus in education has been on achievement scores on standardized tests. Certainly, both our school-based and state assessments are important and are great indicators of student achievement levels.
    In District 200, we regularly say that student learning is at the heart of what we do – as it should be. Our teachers demonstrate our commitment to increase student learning and mastery of 21st century skills on a daily basis and it is evident when you look at our overall outcomes. However, our students are much more than just how they score on a test.

    The holiday season brings lots of activity and spirit to our schools. Across all 20 of our schools we have instrumental and choral concerts, plays and musicals, and art shows. It is evident that our students, families and staff value the arts and we have an incredibly talented, vibrant group of students.

    We also see an incredible spirit of service and giving. This year, nearly 900 families signed up to receive assistance through the Christmas Sharing Program. Our schools and families generously answered the call for help and made sure that members of our community are fed and clothed this holiday season. Additionally, students participate in our community through countless community service activities, donating valuable time and spirit to our community.

    As I walk through our schools and see our vibrant arts programs and spirit of service and giving, as the leader of this District, I feel an incredible sense of pride. In District 200, we understand that while strong academic achievement is one side of the balance, we also understand that creativity, the ability to problem solve, social emotional learning, fine arts and wellness are also critical to a child’s future.

    Thank you, students, staff, parents and community for bringing such a wonderful, healthy balance to our learning environments.
     Dr. Jeff Schuler, Superintendent
    Minecraft Winter Break Contest
    During this year’s Winter Break from December 20th through January 3rd, students who register for the contest will be able to build any design that they want in their own designated area in our Minecraft server. This contest is meant to keep students busy, be creative, and most importantly, to have fun! There are some great prizes up for grabs for the best creations, so head on over to the website to get started!
    Educators receive over $11,000 in grants
    In October, the Foundation received 14 Student Excellence Grant applications from District 200 educators. They were thrilled that so many educators proposed creative, exciting projects to offer their students. 

    Because of our generous donors, we were able to award 10 grants valued at over $11,000. Two of these grants were for professional development; one will enhance math instruction in every elementary school in District 200; the other will provide 21st century science instruction to middle and high school educators.

    Our next round of Student Excellence Grants is now open! The Instructions and Review Criteria and the Grant Application are available for download here. Please have your completed application turned in by Feb. 10, 2017 
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    TCD Community Open House - Wed, January 18 from 6:30 p.m. -8:30 p.m. at Technology Center of DuPage. Get ready for college or career! 
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