• April 4 Referendum Ballot Question

    Shall the Board of Education of Wheaton Warrenville Community Unit School District Number 200, DuPage County, Illinois, alter, repair, equip and improve the sites of the District’s elementary and high school buildings, including, but not limited to, improving secure entrances, roofs, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, library learning centers, and a technology lab; build additions to, alter, repair, equip and improve the sites of Edison, Franklin and Monroe Middle Schools; build and equip a new building to replace the District’s early learning center; and issue bonds of said School District to the amount of $132,500,000 for the purpose of paying the costs thereof?
    The April 4 Referendum question is long and detailed - and for good reason. If approved, the Board of Education is required to use bond proceeds to fund only the projects detailed in the question. The Board is also required to complete the work they are asking the community to approve.