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    Each month, the Board of Education holds their monthly meeting at a different school in the District. As part of the regular agenda, Board members enjoy a presentation from the host school. This past Wednesday, Angela Pigoni, the LLC Director at Wheaton North, provided an incredible insight to a day in the life of North's library learning center (LLC). Below is a snapshot of some of the comments Angela shared about the nature of a future ready library.
    "You are seated in the hub of learning and information at Wheaton North High School. Tonight, the rows are neat and the books are straight. However, during the school day, this space is not like the library you or I used quietly when we attended high school. Allow me to paint a picture for you of the vibrant culture and exceptional learning outcomes that are a result of this updated space.

    The academic and social culture in this LLC is vibrant, fluid and transparent. By 6:45 a.m. tomorrow morning, there will be no seats available in this LLC. Hundreds of students make the LLC the first stop of their school day. Friends meet in the cafe area and prep for the day over hot cocoa, classmates plug in at the tech tables to run through a Google Slideshow before presenting to a class, kids wander the stacks and line up at the front desk to check out great books, and students login to the computers and Chromebooks to check on their grades and teacher classrooms. The small group rooms are filled with partners running lines for the musical and students studying for upcoming assessments. All around the LLC, individuals snag soft seats to read and relax. This and more happens before the school day even begins.

    Once the school day starts, teachers bring their classes to the tech tables to collaborate on Shakespeare research in English class, on roller coaster design in Geometry and on examining the functions of the body in Anatomy. Small groups meet at the tech tables, plug in their devices, and project their work to the large screens so that they can research, discuss, create, and revise together. Guidance counselors meet their students in the Falcon Lab to discuss and navigate digital college and career resources together. Art classes display their latest work on our gallery walls, and the journalism class stocks our shelves and coffee tables with current issues of the Falcon Flyer.

    This is an average school day in a modern school library. There is no shushing - the learning is active and visible, and it changes all day long as needed. The space is flexible, functional, and welcoming. And as a result of using the LLC with their classes, teachers, and librarian, and on their own outside of academic classes, our Wheaton North students are digital citizens, they are problem solvers, and they are collaborators. They are inventors, designers, and coders. They curate and evaluate research to share with their classmates and the world. They are learning and producing in the library in a way none of us ever experienced as students, and it is awesome."  
    library renovations Renovations and reconfigurations to 17 school library learning centers (LLC) as part of the April 4 Referendum. To learn more about those projects, we encourage you to watch this video or visit our website

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