Capital Projects

  • Annually, the Board of Education and Administration review the Capital Projects Report and determine which projects to address. In keeping true to the Board’s commitment to be fiscally responsible and seek opportunities to address high-priority capital facility projects, the District is addressing $7.2 million in Summer 2019 facilities projects. With the ongoing work at Jefferson, there are projects taking place at 16 of our 20 schools. 

    The Board will pay for these projects using a combination of fund balance and the capital facilities budget. This summer is the first of a five-year capital facilities plan to spend at least $7 million annually on our highest priority facilities projects.

    Capital projects are grouped under eight major categories (Paving, Roofing, Flooring, Mechanical, Electrical, Doors/Hardware, Windows and Other). The ‘other’ category includes: casework, ceilings, concrete, fencing; improvements in fixtures, furniture and equipment; fire protection, plumbing, siding, masonry and other items not otherwise classified under the seven major categories. Below is the Capital Projects Report as of June 2019.