Summer Math Packets for the 2019-20 School Year

  • Dear parents, 

    The Wheaton Warrenville South Math Department is committed to providing the best math education possible for your child. Due to the cumulative nature of mathematics, in order for your child to be successful in the coming school year, he/she must possess mastery of many concepts from his/her previous math classes. For this reason, we have created a summer math packet to ensure your child is up to date on his/her prerequisite math skills. Your son/daughter is responsible for doing the following BEFORE the first day of school:

    1. Print a copy of the summer packet for the class he/she is entering in the fall. For example, if he/she is taking Algebra 2/Trig this fall, he/she should complete the Algebra 2/Trig summer packet (pay close attention that the packet completed matches his/her math class in which he/she is scheduled).


    1. Complete the packet. Pay attention to whether the problems for each learning target should be done with or without a calculator.


    1. Check their answers using the solutions provided on the WWSHS website. If answers are all correct and work is shown clearly, your son/daughter is good to go!


    1. If not, he/she should go to and type in the learning target topic(s) in the search menu. Here your son/daughter will find tutorials and extra practice problems. Have him/her watch the tutorials and do the extra practice problems. This website will let your child know if he/she is doing the work correctly.



    Since these problems cover basic concepts that students should already know how to do, they should be able to do these problems easily.

    • If not, it is the student’s responsibility to refresh his/her skills. If your child is still totally confused after watching the tutorials and completing extra practice problems at , you may need to discuss a level change with your son’s/daughter’s counselor at Wheaton Warrenville South.


    • If these problems seem too easy for your son/daughter – GOOD – they should be! Please do not think that easy completion of this packet means your son/daughter should be in a higher level math class. These are the basics!
    • A test will be given within the first week of school to assess your child’s prerequisite math skills.



Last Modified on May 29, 2019