• English as a Second Language (ESL) / Bilingual

    All students who use a language other than English in their home are required by law to be screened for English language proficiency. Students who qualify for services as a result of the screening may be enrolled in the ESL/Bilingual program.

    ESL courses and content classes are offered in sheltered English. Bilingual Education classes offer native language instruction in Spanish in content courses required for graduation.

    ESL classes promote the improvement of the listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills of limited English speakers with emphasis on both traditional academic skills and functional literacy skills. Additionally, the ESL classes provide instruction and experiences intended to help students adapt to American culture. The ESL program also monitors students in their regular classes, providing help and support where necessary.

    ESL/Bilingual classes receive credit equal to corresponding mainstream classes and can substitute for the mainstream graduation requirements.

    ESL/Bilingual Course Descriptions