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    Did you know. . .  

    There are THREE easy ways to order from Entrée Kitchen and help Monroe PTA raise additional funds while cutting down on your cooking/prep time!  

    • No appointment is needed! Just stop in and see what is in their “Grab ‘n’ Go” freezer. There are dozens of entrées, sides, dessert and even breakfast options available.
    • Stop in or call ahead and select from their “Delicious Dinners in a Dash.” These entrées are fresh and fully-prepped for cooking. Even better they will be on your table in 30 min. or less and there are 4-5 Entrées options each week!
    • Order from the monthly menu* for pick up/delivery or self-assembly which is a fun family activity to do together too. Plus there’s a free membership program!



    November Menu 2020 


    Have questions?   Contact Leanne Mitchell: Orders@EntreeKitchen.com
    Or call Entrée Kitchen @ 630-668-4450
     *Menus and information are available monthly at www.EntreeKitchen.com


Last Modified on November 2, 2020