• Make a Recording! 

    Please log in to Google first with your Chromebook and then share the completed video with your
    teacher after it appears in your Google Drive. Best wishes to you for a nice recording! Record yourself
    as many times as you'd like!... but be sure to only submit and share your best work for the grade once.
    Retakes are of course permitted with the ability to retake the test as many times as you'd like.

    Click Here to Submit a Recording for Graded Performance  
    **Be sure to click "allow access" to both your camera and microphone**

    Mr. Novak, Monroe (jeffrey.novak@cusd200.org)
    Ms. Schiele, Monroe (jillian.schiele@cusd200.org)
    Mrs. Carr, Edison (jill.carr@cusd200.org)
    Mr. Jancius, Hubble (blake.jancius@cusd200.org)
    Mr. Makaryk, Franklin (kurt.makaryk@cusd200.org)