¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español 4!
    Señora Noethe (pronounced "Nate")
    World Language Office
    Room G275
    630.784.7200 x8709
    ¡Hola!  I connect everything to Google Classroom.  
    These are the things I include on Google Classroom:
    • Homework assignments (along with the actual document if you need a new copy)
    • Quiz and Test Alerts
    • Online Practices for Quizzes and Tests
    • Grades (in Synergy/Student Vue)
    If you are absent, or just simply forgot the homework, you can find all of it on Google Classroom.  If there is a resource needed for that assignment it can be found there as well!  If you have any issues you can always send me an email!
    Gracias por visitar mi sitio:)