Our classroom is a peanut/tree nut free classroom.

    Snack is OPTIONAL- but highly recommended!

    Our snack times are approximately 10 minutes.

    Please keep the snack small in size (portion).

    I would like snacks to be:

    • fruit (fresh/dried/pouch)
    • vegetables (fresh/dried)
    • cheese sticks

    Please NO fruit snacks, leathers, grains, applesauce with spoons or dips.

    We may be snacking at our desks or outside on a bench or chair and I want to eliminate spills and ants as much as possible.


    Water Bottles:

    Water bottles are OPTIONAL.

    Water bottles should be filled with water only.

    Water bottles should be filled HALF WAY at home (to avoid frequent bathroom trips)

    Water bottles should be in a side pocket of the backpack when transported to and from school.  This prevents spills inside the backpack.

    Kids have access to their water bottles during our snack time and outside mask break.