Our classroom is a peanut/tree nut free classroom.

    Snack is OPTIONAL

    Our snack time is approximately 5-7 minutes.

    Please keep the snack small in size (portion).

    Please keep the snack separate from lunch.

    I would like snacks to be:

    • fruit (fresh/dried/pouch)
    • vegetables (fresh/dried)
    • cheese sticks

    Please NO fruit snacks, leathers, gogurts, liquid yogurt, applesauce with spoons or dips.

    We may be snacking at our tables or on the carpet and I want to eliminate spills and ants as much as possible.


    Water Bottles:

    Water bottles are OPTIONAL (but nice to have when kids have outdoor gym).

    We do have a classroom fountain.

    Water bottles should be filled with water only.

    Water bottles should be filled HALF WAY at home.

    Water bottles should be in a side pocket of the backpack when transported to and from school.  This prevents spills inside the backpack.

    Kids have access to their water bottles after gym (2:30) and may have them for the remainder of the day.