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    Welcome to the WWSHS Counseling Center's webpage. Our mission is to assist our students in achieving their academic goals, college and career plans, and their social/emotional needs. If you need anything, please contact your counselor listed here. 

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    2021-21 Course Selection

    February 10-21

     Virtual Course Selection Presentations

    Freshmen: Wednesday, February 10, 9:00 AM

    Sophomores: Wednesday, February 10, 10:00 AM

    Juniors: Wednesday, February 10, 11:00 AM

    Hubble: TBD

    Edison: TBD

    Incoming Freshmen from Private schools

    Please complete this form: Registration 

     Upcoming Events

    February 17, 2021: Virtual College Panel  @ 7:00pm

    This event is for junior students and their families. This virtual event includes a panel of college representatives from a variety of colleges and universities. Topics covered are relevant to all college-bound juniors and will include the differences in public vs. private colleges, small campuses vs. large campuses, affordability, the application process, and more.

    Learn More


    Procedures have changed in the Counseling Center now that students have returned for hybrid learning on 10/19/2020. Please read below:

    Appointments for in-person students: Students will make appointments using their phones or Chromebooks by scanning a QR code linked to our YouCanBookMe scheduling system. QR codes are posted in classrooms and arond the building. Once students book an appointment, they will receive an email confirmation through YouCanBookMe. If the appointment overlaps with class time, they will show the email as their 'pass' to leave class. During hybrid learning, we will NOT be using paper passes in the CC. 

    Appointments for virtual students or students at home: Students will make appointments by visiting the Counseling Center, Social Work, or Psychologist website and clicking "Schedule an Appointment" on the left navigation. They will then click the corresponding link to their staff member's YouCanBookMe link. 

    Timing of appointments: We are encouraging students to make appointments during Access/Lunch or Study Hall to limit missing classroom instruction. We hope many students choose to make appointments on Wednesdays or on their at-home days so we can see their smiling faces through Google Meet!

    Crisis Meetings: Students will need to have a pre-scheduled appointment to enter the CC, but an exception will be for a student in crisis. f a student is unable to manage themselves in class (angry, upset, crying, agitated) teachers will call a Student Supervisor to escort the student down to the Counseling Center or Dean’s office.

    Coping strategies and QR codes: We are providing QR codes to schedule appointments and simple coping strategies to hang up in classroom that stuent's may easily reference. 


    How do I leave class if I have an appointment in the CC during class time? Show your teacher your appointment confirmation email from YouCanBookMe. They will confirm the appropriate day and time for the appointment before you leave.

    If the CC isn't using passes anymore, how will a teacher know I am returning from the CC? After a student has finished their appointment with a CC staff member, that staff member will forward the student the original appointment confirmation email with a message containing the time and date they were sent back to class. Example: “Student was sent back to class at 11:55 a.m. on 10/16.” It is the student’s expectation to have that email ready upon arrival back to class for verification.  

    What if I have an emergency in class but don't have an appointment? Please let your teacher know and they will call a Student Supervisor to escort you to the Counseling Center or Dean's Office. 

    COUNSELOR ALPHA SPLITS HAVE CHANGED! New counselor assignments can be found below.

    We have created a new way of scheduling appointments with us. Please use our You Can Book Me links found below to schedule virtual appointments with us.  You will receive a confirmation email once your appointmemnt has been booked. 

    Staff Name

    Alpha Split by Last Name

    Email Address

    Schedule Appointment

    Mike Kosky

    *Department Chair

    A& EL Students



    Kelly Petring




    Jeff Pawlak




    Samanda Johnson




    Jan Mieure




    Kelly Ehrhardt




    Brenna Murphy




    Click here to make an appointment with a social worker

    Click here to make an appointment with a psychologist 


Last Modified on January 12, 2021