• Welcome, Class of 2024!

    Freshmen Presentation

    On October 8th, counselors presented to Freshmen through a Google Meet. Counselors presented information on the Counseling Center and how to be successful in high school. You can find a copy of the presentation below!

    Freshmen Conferences

    All freshmen will have an individual conference with their counselor. These conferences will run from October 21st through the end of first semester. Students are encouraged to make their own appointments using their counselor's scheduling link, although some counselors will be scheduling their own meetings with their students. Topics covered during freshmen conferences:

    • How to make an appointment in the Counseling Center
    • The different roles of school counselors, school social workers, and school psychologists
    • GPA and weighted grades
    • Credits
    • Graduation requirements
    • Driver education
    • TCD
    • National Honor Society
    • Sample four year plan shared with students and guardians

    All students are encouraged to make appointments with their counselors throughout the year if needed!

Last Modified on February 17, 2021