• Walker Safety


    Outdoor Supervision:

    • Outdoor supervision starts at 9:00 AM. Students should not arrive at school before 9:00 AM.
    • The only adult supervision after school is at the pick-up lanes and bus supervision.
    • Students should not remain on school property after school unless properly supervised by their own parents/guardians.


    Walking Students Should:

           1.Use sidewalks wherever provided. Never cut through a neighbor’s yard or jump over a fence.

    1. Walk on the grass, gravel or shoulder facing traffic when no sidewalk exists. Do not walk more than 2 across.
    2. Walk with others. There is safety in numbers.
    3. Cross only at crosswalks and corners
    4. Cross Jewell Road with the Crossing Guard’s assistance only.

    We have adult crossing guards before and after school at the following crossings:

    • Jewell  and Woodlawn
    • Jewell and Herrick
    • Jewell and Electric (south side only)
    • Jewell and Pleasant Hill (south side only)

    NOTE:  There are no patrols or adult crossing guards working during the lunch hour.

    1. Follow the directions of the student Safety Patrols.
    2. Walk defensively and be aware of cars.
    3. Be cautious when crossing the front U-drive of the school.
    4. Be very careful when going to the car. Never walk between the rows of parked cars.
    5. Do not play with anything on the way to school that could distract from paying attention to cars and crossing streets safely.
    6. Skateboards should not be ridden or brought to school. This also applies to roller skates and/or roller blades, hoverboards & scooters.
Last Modified on September 27, 2018