Wheaton North Application Process 2022-2023

    We have created a completely virtual application experience for you.  This document is full of helpful links and video tutorials.  We will still be meeting with all our seniors in a virtual format through counselor-scheduled meetings.  If you'd like to get started on the process, click on the above link.

    College Application Process Senior Presentation

    This presentation is given to all seniors prior to the start of senior conferences in September. It provides information regarding the college application process and student responsibilities.

    Senior Family Night Presentation

    Presentation for parents with helpful information detailing what counselors do during senior conferences and the college application process in general. To view the presentation as a slide show, click here.  If you would like to watch the entire presentation, recorded live, click here.

    College Visits

    Click on the above link for a complete list of all the colleges visiting Wheaton North.

    Virtual College Visits

    Are you interested in visiting some of the top schools Wheaton North students apply to, but can't get on campus?  Check out the virtual college visits page for more information.

  • Highly Selective College Guide

    From the AP GURU this highly selective college guide will give you an overview of the process along with several helpful tips for the application process.



    College Campus View on Google Maps

    College campuses can be huge, with sprawling buildings, social areas, and sports stadiums. When navigating to a campus on Google Maps, just type in the college name and tap the navigation button. You’ll automatically see a list of the most popular areas on campus to choose from. search for your university and check out panoramic views of your new campus via the Street View thumbnail. Google Maps shows Street View imagery of thousands of campuses around the world. So if your 8 a.m. class is on the opposite side of campus, a little bit of digital exploring will help you know your surroundings and get there on time.