• Playground Safety Rules - Sandburg School

     playground picture

    1. Slides                                                                                   

    1. Slide one person at a time.                                                                                        
    2. There is no walking up the slide.
    3. No one is allowed to throw anything on the slide.
    4. Always slide down feet first.

    2. Swings

    1. One person swings at a time in a seated position in a forward and backward direction.
    2. Standing on the swing is not allowed.
    3. Students are not allowed to jump off a moving swing.
    4. Take turns inf someone is waiting for a swing.
    5. No twisting or swinging from side to side.
    6. Do not walk close to a person swinging.

    3. Bars

    1. Hanging by your knees and jumping to your feet is not allowed.
    2. Students cannot stand or walk on top of the bars.
    3. Do not pick people up to reach the bar.
    4. Do not pull people off of the bars.

    4. General Rules

    1. The game of Tag can only be played in the grass.
    2. Do not play on or near the bike racks.
    3. Do not play near or between the sheds.
    4. Do not pick up or throw any objects: sticks, stones, snow, woodchips, etc.
    5. Fighting, play fighting, tackling, hitting, pushing, grabbing clothing or any rough play is not allowed.
    6. All students are required to stay inside the fenced area at all times. If a ball goes over the fence, students need to contact a supervisor to get it. The woods are off limits
    7. Bats, hard balls and skateboards are not allowed on the playground.
    8. Students are not allowed to enter the building without permission from a teacher or a lunch supervisor.
    9. Include all students in your games. Never say "You can't play". Be a friend and ask someone to play with you.
    10. Listen for the signal, stop and move to the line quickly.
    11. Do not move any equipment set up for PE during your recess time.